Electronic Marketing – The Fundamentals

Electronic Marketing your online business is key to getting your company and/or products out in front of your potential customers. Electronic Marketing is often referred to as e-Marketing. With good online e-Marketing strategies you can put your internet site in front of literally thousands of customers each and every day. To do this and to drive web traffic to your site there are many different methods and strategies that can be employed, the trick is to find and focus on those that give you the best return for your efforts. Some e-Marketing techniques will be more suitable for your online business than others. A few of the most common e-Marketing strategies are:

Internet Advertising – Banner Advertising
Customer Referral Programs
Social Media Networking
Pay-Per-Click Advertising
e-Mail Campaigns
Article Marketing
Each of the strategies mentioned above should probably be tried. You can find information about each on various web sites and in many Ezine articles.

Design, Create, and Host Your Own Web Site Your web site will serve as your interface with your customers, so before you embark on any major electronic marketing campaign make sure that you have your web pages developed and design to meet the needs of your customers. You can design, create, and host a web site fairly inexpensively. If you do not know the technical aspect behind doing this you can find freelance workers on sites that can do it for you, i.e., sites like Elance.com and vworker.com

What Strategies Will Work For You? After you have developed your web site, learn the steps necessary to make it Search Engine Optimized (SEO). When your site has proper SEO, search engines like Google and Yahoo will rank your site high and it will show up in the search engines near the top of the first page. For some web site e-marketers, SEO is the ‘Holy Grail” of web site marketing; however, because of the cost of SEO other methods like social marketing or article marketing, for example, might be more profitable for your online business. You can also find people online that can help you with SEO.